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Multilingual Stories

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All the nuances of language | an interview with Thomas McFadden

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There are many myths and misconceptions when it comes to our profession. Some of us who study the science of languages don't necessarily speak a foreign language and those who actually mastered to speak a foreign language almost like a native speaker, might have big difficulties learning another language.

Today I get to speak to another friend and colleague of mine: Dr. Thomas McFadden. In today´s episode Thomas tells us about his journey, how he discovered his love for the German language and its dialects. But also how much he struggles to learn Tamil - his wife´s first language.

Thomas is married to Dr. Sandhya Sundaresan who I interviewed last week. The couple is raising a multilingual daughter, who is growing up with English, Tamil and German, as the family is currently living in Germany. That is 3 languages for the time being. All though, actually, we could count English twice, as the differences between American and Indian English are greater than one might think. And Thomas will share some great anecdotes to prove my point.

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Ich bin Dr. Bettina Gruber und unterstütze mehrsprachige Familien auf ihrem Weg, all ihre Sprachen erfolgreich und mit Leichtigkeit in ihrem Leben zu integrieren. Damit alle Kinder ihre Familiensprachen mit Spaß und Stolz lernen und leben dürfen. Mein Podcast inspiriert, regt zum Nachdenken an und motiviert, Mehrsprachigkeit und Multikulturalität voll positiver Energie und Überzeugung in die Welt zu tragen. Mehr zu mir findest du auf

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